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Experience what your should expect after an MRI exam in words and pictures.

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In words:

What to expect after an MRI exam.

After the MRI scanning is completed, the computer generates visual images of the area of the body that was scanned. These images can be transferred to film for review. It is withing your rights to see them yourself and you may want to get a copy of them to view yourself. It takes a qualified radiologist or doctor to read them correctly but hey, it's kind of fun to see the 'inner you'. Plus, it's always good to have them for documentation.

After the test is completed, the computer is done generating the images and the radiologist and/or doctor has had time to look them over, the radiologist and/or doctor may discuss initial results of the MRI with you. This may happen immediately. However, complete results are usually ready for your doctor and then discussed with you in a couple of days.

The overall experience should be painless and with little to no side effects.

To find out more about the actual experience throughout the exam in more detail, click the links below:

Before Exam   |   During Exam   |   After Exam

Contact a quality MRI facility directly and ask them any specific questions or concerns you might have before getting any exam.

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In pictures:

Brain MRI - pineal cyst two-views

ABOVE: MRI of brain with pineal cyst.

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