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Two Views of Fetus MRI scans

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MRI of the Fetus

A doctor or physician may order an MRI scan of the fetus in addition to an ultrasound. An MRI is useful because it shows healthcare providers what tissue is normal, and what tissue is not. It provides clear pictures of the fetus that may not be easily seen on an ultrasound.

A quality MRI scan can show radiologists what may be causing your signs and symptoms and it’s important that you find the best machines and radiologists possible to receive the best imaging.

Reasons for a Fetus MRI:

A fetal MRI scan may be done when an ultrasound is not clearly defined and more information is needed to make further decisions.

A fetal MRI scan may be done if an abnormality is identified and needs to be examined further in order to determine treatment options.

A MRI scan of the fetus is completed when there is significant risk for abnormality of the fetus.

A Fetus MRI may help diagnose (find):

A MRI of the fetus is generally performed after an irregularity is shown or suspected in an ultrasound. Irregularities can include fetal brain, skull, face, neck, chest, and lungs.

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