Celebrity Medical Images

A collection of celebrity medical images presented in two views.

  • 2 views einstein
    Albert Einstein

    See the brain xray of one of the smartest persons in the world.

  • 2 views barbaro

    See the xray of one of the most famous broken legs in horse racing.

  • 2 views bono

    Rock star with a rock star injury. See the xray of his broken elbow.

  • 2 views grohl
    Dave Grohl

    See the broken leg xray and the story behind this star's injury.

  • 2 views elvis
    Elvis Presley

    See the xray and story behind Elvis Presley's fractured wrist.

  • 2 views presley
    Elvis Presley

    See the xray of Elvis Presley's chest and the story with it.

  • 2 views evel
    Evel Kneivel

    Xrays of the daredevil who set the record for most bones broken in a body.

  • 2 views ruby
    Jack Ruby

    Brain xray of the man who shot JFK can be found here.

  • 2 views kennedy
    John F. Kennedy

    See the medical xray that John Kennedy had taken of his spine.

  • 2 views olbermann
    Keith Olbermann

    Sportscaster and actor with a foot injury he reveals xray publically.

  • 2 views kim
    Kim Kardashian

    Big celebrity shows off big xray of a big part of her fame.

  • 2 views king tut
    King Tutankhamun

    Incredible xray of one of the most famous icons in Egyptian history.

  • 2 views lance
    Lance Armstrong

    Cancer survivor and cyclist can't cheat the facts of an injury in this xray.

  • 2 views marilyn
    Marilyn Monroe

    Xrays of one of the most famous chests in all of America.

  • 2 views monroe
    Marilyn Monroe

    This head xray may show why the actress wasn't the ditz some thought she was.

  • 2 views mona lisa
    Mona Lisa

    See what an xray of this famous painting reveals about the subject and what was behind it.

  • 2 views ali
    Muhammad Ali

    Even the champ got his jaw broke. See the xray of a world-famous punch.

  • 2 views reagan
    Ronald Reagan

    See the story and chest xray of America's President being shot.

  • 2 views stallone
    Sylvester Stallone

    Rocky suffered more than an ego bruise filming his movies. See his broken neck xray.

  • Insane Medical Images
    Insane Injuries

    Doctors are amazed how some people survived these injuries.

  • Unusual Objects in Bodies
    Unusual Objects

    You won't believe some of the things found inside human bodies.


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