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MRI of the Appendix

A doctor or physician may order an MRI scan of the appendix if a patient is having severe, sharp pain near their navel or upper abdomen. They may also request an MRI of the appendix if the patient is experiencing abdominal swelling.

This MRI can uncover a number of different causes for the severe pain you may be experiencing.

A quality MRI scan can show radiologists what may be causing the symptoms and it’s important that you find the best machines and radiologists possible to receive the best imaging.

Reasons for an Appendix MRI:

A MRI of the appendix can show physicians whether or not surgery or appendectomy is even necessary for a patient. Having the MRI evaluation completed can save many patients from undergoing an unnecessary surgery.

Although one of the biggest challenges is finding the appendix in an MRI, once found, it also provides the physician with an accurate depiction of the issues at hand and where the patient’s pain is stemming from.

An Appendix MRI may help diagnose (find):

An Appendix MRI can show signs of various diseases including inflammatory bowel disease, especially Crohn’s disease, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), as well as various other types of diseases.

A MRI scan may show if you have an infection of the appendix.

A MRI of the Appendix may show an inflamed appendix, filled with pus that is causing pain, otherwise known as appendicitis.

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