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First off you should know this about us - we are not the type of site that likes to load up our pages with advertising. In fact, just the opposite. We intentionally keep it to a minimum on each and every page. But we've found by doing so, those individual ads that do appear stand out and have even more value and, we think, credibility.

As of 2018, we've already had over Two Million users come to, with almost twice that amount of page views. Focused on radiology and healthy living topics, our viewers are looking for some very specific information that could line up perfectly with companies in the healthcare category.

Contact us today to find out more, including our rates and guidelines. We'd love to talk with you about some tactics we've found that work best and som exclusive offers to help you stand apart from your competitors. We are also always open to listening to what your thoughts are and any new ideas you might have. After all, we believe more than one view is always better.

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The need, and the difficulty, of finding a quality medical imaging facility has grown tremendously now that the industry has compitition popping up in every direction. The Two-Views® Directory is an easy to use tool to instantly find the specific service users need - not just by location but by service, need and a whole host of other helpful criteria.

Users can find it on every page of our site - at the top, middle and even the bottom for those who scroll down reading all the content. (You'd be suprised how many people do!)

We also add very specific directory search bars on certain pages and sections to match that particular content. For instance, So if the user is reading about MRIs for instance, the directory search bar on that page would already be set to look for MRI facilities. (see the example below.)

Two Views Directory

The Two-Views® Directory works on every platform and we've gone to extra lenghts to make it easy to use on mobile devices. Each directory search provides more than just locations nearest to them. The directory gives users a unique and helpful way of narrrowing down their options to match the right fit for them. Which means if you list your company on our directory, the people who call from our site are EXTREMEMLY qualified.

Contact us today to find out more, including our rates and guidelines. You can also find out more by visiting our sales pages here on the site. There you can learn about the directory's benefits, plans and pricing and how to join.

IMPORTANT: The information on this page, and throughout the entire site, is not intended to provide advice or treatment for a specific situation. Consult your physician and medical team for information and treatment plans on your specific condition(s). Images are shown for illustrative purposes. Do not attempt to draw conclusions or make diagnoses by comparing these image to other medical images, particularly your own.

More than one million people have already used Two Views to research, compare opinions and learn the facts about healthcare and radiology related topics. It never hurts to get two views.


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