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Place your ad
in our site.

Online banner ads appear to the right and below on every page. And we're very picky about them.

First off you should know this about us - we are not the type of site that likes to load up our pages with advertising. In fact, just the opposite. We intentionally keep it to a minimum on each and every page. But we've found by doing so, those individual ads that do appear stand out and have even more value.

As of June of 2015, we've already had over One Million users come to, with almost twice that amount of page views. Focused on radiology and healthy living topics, our viewers are looking for some very specific information that could line up perfectly with companies in the healthcare category.

Contact us today to find out more, including our rates and guidelines. We'd love to talk with you about some exclusive offers to help you stand apart from your competitors.

And make sure you please read our advertising policy if you would like to advertise with us.

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List your company
in our directory.

Our directory appears on the top right and the bottom of every page. And then some.

The need and the difficulty of finding a quality medical imaging facility has grown tremendously now that the industry has facilities popping up in every direction. The Two-View® directory is an easy to use tool to instantly find the specific service users need - not just by location but by service, need and a whole host of other helpful criteria.

You can check it out yourself at the top right of every page, or even at the bottom for those who scroll down far enough away. We also add specific directory search bars on pages to match that particular content. (see the example below.)

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So if the user is reading about MRIs for instance, the directory search bar on that page would already be set to look for MRI facilities.

Working on every platform (mobile included), the directory provides users with a unique and helpful way of narrrowing down their options to match the right fit for them. Which means if you list your company on our directory, the people who call from our site are EXTREMEMLY qualified.

Contact us today to find out more, including our rates and guidelines. You can also find out more by visiting our sales pages here on the site. There you can learn about the directory's benefits, plans and pricing and how to join.