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Two Views of Xrays

The experience of getting an X-ray is presented in two views.

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What is the experience of getting an x-ray like?

X-rays are performed at most doctors' offices, chiropractic offices, dentists' offices, emergency rooms and hospitals — quite honestly wherever an X-ray machine can be available. But no matter where you are having the X-ray procedure done, expect to be asked to stay still, sometimes in an awkward position for a short period of time. Luckily there is no discomfort from the x-ray exposure.

A technologist, an individual specially trained to perform radiology examinations, will position your body to obtain the necessary views. He or she may use pillows or sandbags or other positioning devices to help you hold the proper position. Sometimes the x-ray is even taken with the patient standing upright, as in cases of knee x-rays.

Click the links in the box below to see what the experience is like and what you shouild know before, during and after getting an xray.

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Find out what the experience is like and what you should expect.

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> During the Exam

> After the Exam

Contact a quality xray facility directly and ask them any specific questions or concerns you might have before getting any test or exam.

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