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Two Views of Xrays

Differences between X-rays and MRI scans or CT scans in two views.

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In words:

How is an X-ray different than an MRI or CT scan?

X-rays are very different than an MRI or CT scan. X-ray images are some of the most clearest and detailed pictures of bones, however they don't do as good of a job showing muscles, tendons or joints compared to some other tests.

MRI scans are very good at identifying legament tears and joint effusions in knee of shoulder injuries. They are also preferred often in the imaging of the spine since both the bones and the spinal cord itself can be evaluated. An MRI can also frequently detect a bone bruise when no crack is visible or hard to see on an X-ray.

In the broadest or biggest sense, there is no ionizing radiation (X-rays) involved in producing an MRI scan. By using a strong magnetic field and pulses of radio waves to make images of structures inside the body, an MRI scan prevents a person from any exposure to X-Rays or any other forms of radiation.

An MRI may take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes or more to take the images. An X-Ray is somewhat instant compared, around the same time as snapping a picture with your phone or camera.

CT Scans Info to come.

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In Pictures:

X-ray of brain two-views

ABOVE: Frontal X-Ray of head with ventricular shunt.

Brain MRI - pineal cyst two-views

ABOVE: MRI of brain with pineal cyst.

CT scan of brain two-views

ABOVE: CT scan of brain.

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