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Differences between MRI scans and X-Rays or CT scans.

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How is an MRI different than an X-Ray or CT scan?

MRI scans are very different than an X-Ray. In the broadest or biggest sense, there is no ionizing radiation (X-rays) involved in producing an MRI scan. By using a strong magnetic field and pulses of radio waves to make images of structures inside the body, an MRI scan prevents a person from any exposure to X-Rays or any other forms of radiation.

An MRI may take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes or more to take the images. An X-Ray is somewhat instant compared, around the same time as snapping a picture with your phone or camera.

MRI scans are very different than CT scans. MRI scans are produced in such a way that it is possible to take pictures from almost every angle, whereas a CT scan only shows pictures horizontally. MRI scans give you a more 360 degree view where CT scans are more like very thin slices of bread.

MRI scans are generally more detailed, too. The difference between normal and abnormal tissue is often clearer on the MRI scan than on the CT scan.

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In pictures:

Brain MRI - pineal cyst two-views

ABOVE: MRI of brain/head.

X-ray of brain two-views

ABOVE: Frontal X-Ray of head with ventricular shunt.

CT scan of brain two-views

ABOVE: CT scan of brain.

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