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The best ways to relieve MRI claustrophobia.

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Try relieving MRI claustrophobia yourself.

It is not uncommon at all to feel anxious or claustrophobic during an MRI scan. Until recently, the proceedure almost always involved sliding your body into a tight fitting tube.

Recent developments in the technology however, have widened these tubes, created new space to all sides and in some cases, allowed the patient to sit or even stand with nothing in front of them. However, many people will still feel some levels of anxiety with even the most 'open' machine proceedures.

Five techniques for relieving stress during an MRI proceedure are based on recommendations from Doctors, Psychologists, therapy scientists and Radiologists. The authors here have even tried all five of the techniqes themselves. A fair warning, however - it is widely accepted that there are no known ways to completely prevent claustrophobia.

So if you have an upcoming MRI to be done and are getting a little nervious or even a little 'wiggy' about it, read through the following five ways to combat claustrophobia specifically during an MRI test and see if one, or even a few of them put together, could work for you.

Top 5 ways to relieve MRI stress

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Find the most 'open' MRI possible.

So your doctor ordered an MRI for you. Feeling claustrophobic already? Maybe more than a little nervous? There are many things you can do before the actual exam and perhaps the most important one is to find a MRI facility and machine that fits your needs best.

You've probably heard of 'open' MRIs and many imaging facilities now offer these new types of machines. The ones that truely are more open can help reduce a lot of a patient's anxiety or stress. However, some advertised 'open' MRIs are not as 'open' as you might think. So how do you know which are 'open' and which are not?

Search our list of the more popular MRI machines.

MRI of Southfield
Panorama 0.6T by Philips

The list will include pictures like the one of this panarama 'open' MRI machine and descriptions for you to reference when talking with an MRI imaging facility or center. Remember, they are only pictures. Only visiting or viewing the actual machine in person will give you the truest understanding of what it is like. Which leads us to the pretty smart idea of doing just that.

It is not at all unheard of to call an imaging facility or center before making an appointment and asking them a few questions. You should not be embarrassed to do so. In fact, it quite common and they should have no problem telling you what type of MRI machine they have or would even use with your specific doctor's order. Most welcome potential patients coming in and checking out the room and the machine. Qualilty facilities and their staff want to do whatever they can to make the exam as comfortable and stress-free as possible for you. So give them a call.

Here is a directory which can help you find and contact many of the MRI facilities nearest to you.

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