Xray of Needle in Foot

This xray of a needle in the foot is presented in two views.

Needle Breaks Off In Foot

Just the thought of stepping on a needle gives us the heebie jeebies. This 52 year-old man actually did it.

Xray of needle lodged in foot

Above: Xray of needle lodged in foot.

The pressure of stepping on the needle was great enough that the tip of the needle actually snapped off inside his foot and was hidden beneath the skin.

Xray of needle in top of foot

Above: Another xray view of needle in foot.

With the aid of these xrays, doctors were able to find its exact location and direction lodged inside the patient's foot, extracting it without any further damage. With a couple good, solid bandages and some time off his feet, the patient was back to normal - physically, that is. We have no idea what his mind is like now when he walks around in bare feet anymore.

Xray of needle broken off in top of foot

Above: Third xray of needle broken off in man's foot.

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