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Hangovers in two views

The Puerto Rican hangover cure in two views.

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The Puerto Rican remedy for hangovers.

People with pounding hangovers in Puerto Rico have long believed rubbing a slice of lemon or lime under your armpit of your drinking arm will prevent dehydration and as a result, prevent headaches.

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The general belief is that you do this before you start drinking.

Now we understand the olfactory benefits of smelling citrusy before you start stinking the place up, but why only the drinking arm? What happens if or when you down a shot with the non-fruit rubbed arm?

All in all, this remedy emitting out of Puerto Rico stinks of bunk.

Medical experts agree that there is no strictly "safe" level of alcohol consumption. Find out more facts about alcohol use and heath here.

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    Other hangover 'remedies'.

    Here's a list of home remedies we've found that supposedly taking care of that massive, pounding hangover. Some are from bartentders, some are just folklore. Some are even billed as natural ways to take care of 'the dog that bit 'ya'. Just remember, only time and water are what most doctors and scientists believe in. That, and the fact that prevention is often the best form of medicine.

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