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Hangovers in two views

Ancient Greek hangover cures in two views.

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Ancient Greek Hangover Remedies.

If you ever payed any attention in school to your ancient Greek and Roman mythology lessons, you know they were full of some pretty disturbing behavior. And hangover folklore from these civilizations picks up right where they left off.

canary hangover

A staple food for the morning after drinking in ancient times was deep-fried canary. Since there wasn't a Kentucky Fried Canary chain back then, we'd love to learn how many secret herbs and spices it would take to crunch into one of those wings, so for now let your imagination run.

Hey, we all know how much the Ancient Greeks and Romans loved to party, what with the bath houses, orgies, festivals, etc. But they also told of guys that were half horses and monsters with only one eye. So we'll just leave their remedies for clearing your head up in that same mythical catagory.

Medical experts agree that there is no strictly "safe" level of alcohol consumption. Find out more facts about alcohol use and heath here.

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  • Sicilian Secret

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    Other hangover 'remedies'.

    Here's a list of home remedies we've found that supposedly taking care of that massive, pounding hangover. Some are from bartentders, some are just folklore. Some are even billed as natural ways to take care of 'the dog that bit 'ya'. Just remember, only time and water are what most doctors and scientists believe in. That, and the fact that prevention is often the best form of medicine.

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