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Find out what too much drinking does to your body in two views.

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What does drinking too much do to your body?

Think a hangover is the only side-effect of a heavy bout of drinking?  An excess of alcohol consumption affects nearly every system of the body for up to 24 hours. A look at the body’s reaction to a large dose of alcohol is listed below.

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Your Throat and Mouth feel dry and scratchy because of dehydration.

Your Heart can become inflamed, start beating with a higher or abnormal rhythm or even stop beating.

Your Liver builds up fatty and lactic acids, impairing the body’s ability to metabolize sugar. The resulting low blood sugar Hypoglycemia) can cause weakness and mood disturbances.

Your Stomach Lining becomes inflamed, delaying digestion; excess gastric acid contributes to nausea.

Your Brain’s Blood Vessels dilate, causing a throbbing headache. Dehydration can cause the brain to pull from its lining, intensifying the pain.

Your Pituitary Gland releases improper amounts of several hormones, disrupting the brain’s circadian rhythm which makes sleep feel less restful and interfering with normal kidney function.

Your Central Nervous System becomes chemically overexcited, causing sweating, tremors and sensitivity to light, sound and touch.

Your Muscles become weak from dehydration and low blood-sugar levels.

Your Pancreas increases production of digestive chemicals, causing pain, nausea and vomiting.

Your Kidneys fail to reabsorb water, causing increased urination and dehydration.

As you can see, a lot can go wrong when you drink excessively. Each person and their body is different so there's no real way to measure how much is too much for you. But just remember, even one drink can have huge consequences for someone's body depending on their individual make-up.

There are far too many good reasons to seek help if you believe some of these symptoms to be true about you or anyone you know. A good place would be to start here.

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Hangover Remedies.

Here's a list of home remedies we've found that supposedly taking care of that massive, pounding hangover. Some are from bartentders, some are just folklore. Some are even billed as natural ways to take care of 'the dog that bit 'ya'. Just remember, only time and water are what most doctors and scientists believe in. That, and the fact that prevention is often the best form of medicine.

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