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Hangovers in two views

Coffee, a popular hangover cure in two views.

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Popular hangover remedy.

Many people swear that a good ol' cup of joe fends off the splititng headache the day after a night of drinking. And we will give them this - If they weren't awake before the coffee, they probably were after.

coffee for hangover

Great. So now you're awake. Problem is you're acutely aware of your pounding head.  Coffee actually intensifies a headache. It's a vasoconstrictor, which means it temporarily decreases the size of your blood vessels. Which means it actually works to IMPROVE what causes headaches.

Coffee has been knows to make some people edgy and it can actually cause headaches for some people who didn't have one before they started sipping that java.

And get this, coffee is much like alcohol in that they are both diuretic, a type of drug that helps bodies get rid of unneeded water and salt through the urine. (It makes you pee, right?) Problem is again that the last thing you want during a hangover is to make your body even MORE dehydrated.

Finally, when that bolt of caffeine wears off, you will be even more tired. And whatever you do, don't treat yourself to an Irish Coffee. Adding a little extra hair of the dog to that coffee only compounds the entire problem.


For some, the morning cup of joe can be a jumpstart to get on with their day.


The jumpstart you get from coffee can jump your heart to beats is doesn't wanna do and the caffine will actually increase the pain of a headache.

Medical experts agree that there is no strictly "safe" level of alcohol consumption. Find out more facts about alcohol use and heath here.

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    Other Hangover 'remedies'.

    Here's a list of home remedies we've found that supposedly taking care of that massive, pounding hangover. Some are from bartentders, some are just folklore. Some are even billed as natural ways to take care of 'the dog that bit 'ya'. Just remember, only time and water are what most doctors and scientists believe in. That, and the fact that prevention is often the best form of medicine.

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