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Good Ol' American Know How for Curing the Good Ol' American Hangover.

Get this...
Drinking rabbit-poop tea was a famous cure for a Texas-sized cowboy hangover in the Old West. Yes, you heard right - tea made of rabbit pellets.

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Now scientifically speaking, bunny manure on average consists of 2.5% Nitrogen, 1.4% Phosphoric Acid and 0.6% Potassium.

Most don't see anything in that concoction mixture that could actually aid what's ailing you the morning after some ranchhand has ad few too many shots of wiskey. Potassium, perhaps, since you've lost a lot of that in your body. But wouldn't you rather eat a banana instead of slurping down what comes from a bunny's butt?

We're pretty much backing the fact that if you digest any form of excrement - human, animal or otherwise, you're gonna have many more severe side effects that would pretty much negate any upside of clearing your hangover.

Medical experts agree that there is no strictly "safe" level of alcohol consumption. Find out more facts about alcohol use and heath here.

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    Other hangover 'remedies'.

    Here's a list of home remedies we've found that supposedly taking care of that massive, pounding hangover. Some are from bartentders, some are just folklore. Some are even billed as natural ways to take care of 'the dog that bit 'ya'. Just remember, only time and water are what most doctors and scientists believe in. That, and the fact that prevention is often the best form of medicine.

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