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Two Views of CT scans

Find out what an CT scan experience is like in two views.

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In words:

What is a CT scan exam experience like?

An CT or CAT scan or exam is something a doctor may order for you. The overall experience should be painless and have little to no side effects.

Overall, most MRI tests themselves usually take anywhere from 30 to an hour and a half. CT exams are usually done as an outpatient procedure and are now available at various different types of facilities that are accredited or qualified.

Getting a CT or CAT scan

Find out what the experience is like and what you should expect.

> Before the Exam

> During the Exam

> After the Exam

Contact a quality CT facility directly and ask them any specific questions or concerns you might have before getting any test or exam.

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In pictures:

CT scanner two-views

ABOVE: Patient with GE Light Speed CT scanner.

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