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Two views of Lance Armstrong

Two views of Lance Armstrong's shoulder with x-rays and other images.

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Details of Lance Armstrong's broken collarbone.

Lance Armstrong suffered a major bone break in Spain, March 23, 2009, during a huge bicycle crash in the first stage of Castilla y Leon bicycle race.

Two days later, Armstrong had surgery on his broken collarbone at Austin Sports Medicine in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, March 25.

The collarbone was ultimately found to be broken in four different parts. It was shattered and needed to be carefully joined back together if Lance would hope to ever ride again.

During the 3-hour surgery, Dr. Doug Elenz reassembled the bone and plated Lance with 12 screws. These screws were put into Lance's body according to doctors tohold the plate in place to support the bone as it healed over 12 weeks after surgery.

Dr. Elenz stated the injury had a greater impact than he and his team had first thought because it took them 45 minutes to clean up a lot of the bruising and scrapes from the crash.

Doctors released the X-ray of Lance Armstrong’s collarbone, showing the metal plate and screws used to mend the broken bone bone after test indicated pieces of broken bone in multiple places.

Armstrong shared this photo of himself and his scar with his Twitter fans waiting anxiously for any news of his recovery.

Earlier on-line, Armstrong had posted a video on his site describing how he felt after the tedious operation. He also included the x-ray footage of his shoulder with the plate and screws in it.

The following video is from the event.

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X-rays and images of Lance Armstrong's shoulder.

Lance Armstrong bicycle crash
Lance Armstrong is sent to the hospital for x-ray test.”
Photo credit:

Lance Armstrong xray
Photo of Team Astana's Lance Armstrong's clavicle / collarbone post-op. Photo by Elizabeth Kreutz courtesy of CSE.

Armstrong xray image of shoulder
Tour de-France champion Lance Armstrong’s collarbone. His bones were severely dislocated orthopedic surgeons had to “screw” him with 12-inch long screws. (March 2009) source

Lance armstrong surgery xray
Doctor x-ray of Lance Armstrong's shoulder.

Armstrong scar
Lance Armstrong shared with his rabid Twitter fan base a photo of himself with his new, big scar. source

Lance Armstrong surgery
Photo of Lance Armstrong’s shoulder after surgery. source

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