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Two views of Kim Kardashian

Two views of Kim Kardashian's butt x-ray.

Two Views - view 1

Kim Kardashian shows off her butt in unique way.

In the world of reality, and a reality show celebrities becoming stranger than fiction, Kim Kardashian decided she needed to put rumors to rest. Her back end, that is, rear end, that is hind quarters, are 100% natural.

Concerned that the public thought her behind had implants, or pads, or some surgical means of making it some shape other than her own natural self, she asked a doctor (and of course an entire television crew) to document that her derrière is all natural.

How does one do that? With the use of x-rays, of course. So here it is in all it's factual glory. Are we all better off now?

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Two Views - view 2

X-rays of Kim Kardashian.

Two views of Kardashian x ray
Kim Kardashian displays her butt x-ray.
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