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Two views of Elvis Presley

Two views of Elvis Presley's broken wrist x-ray.

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Details of Elvis Presley's fractured wrist.

You name it – a strand of hair, his signed cast, even Elvis’ medical swab taken at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, TN – has been sought after and bought by collectors. (The swab itself went for $468.75 in 2010)

But here’s an x-ray from Elvis Presley’s personal collection that some might find as breaking news in the world of radiology.

A full size plate x-ray of Elvis's left arm showing a fractured wrist has been verified from Elvis's stepbrother David Stanley confirming the occasion. It’s from the family of the doctor that took the x-ray after Elvis was injured in a karate class.

The actual break in his arm was obtained during a karate session and the plate of the x-ray taken later has Elvis Presley's address and hospital details embedded in the negative, including the radiologist's name. It sold in 2008 at a Farm Bureau auction for $3,500. At the time of this posting (July 2015), it was listed on an auction site having been sold for $9,375.

View Elvis Presley's chest x-ray here.

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X-rays of Elvis Presley's broken wrist.

Two views of Elvis Presley's broken wrist x-ray
Elvis Presley x-ray listed as lot 792 on auction site. source
detail of elvis presley x-ray
Detail showing info on Elvis Presley x-ray. source

two views of elvis presley auction x-ray
Another auction listing of Elvis Presley x-ray.source

View Elvis Presley's chest x-ray here.

Celebrity x-rays and other famous medical documents pop up all the time online and in auctions. The authenticity of the ones shown here are not verified beyond what has been listed and/or sourced online.

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