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Two views of Elvis Presley

Two views of Elvis Presley's broken wrist x-ray.

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Details of Elvis Presley's chest x-ray.

As part of the induction process into the United States Army, Elvis Presley was given a chest x-ray as part of his physical.

Elvis reported for Army duty to the Draft Board office at about 6:30 a.m. March 24, 1958. After undergoing processing and a physical at Kennedy Veterans Hospital, he and other inductees would board a bus for Fort Chaffee, Arkansas later that afternoon. Part of that process included getting a chest x-ray.

Four days later, Elvis had arrived at Fort Hood, Texas where he completed six months of training before being shipped off to Germany. Unfortunately, his mother would die before he completed training and no medical image could ever show the emotions he must have felt inside.

View Elvis Presley's wrist x-ray here.

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X-rays of Elvis Presley's Chest.

elvis presley getting chest x-ray
Elvis Presley getting an army induction x-ray, March 24, 1958. source

Two views of Elvis Presley's chest x-ray
An unverified 1973 Elvis Presley chest x-ray may have been listed on Ebay. source

two views of elvis presley auction x-ray
Elvis Presley kissing mom goodbye March 24, 1958. source

View Elvis Presley's wrist x-ray here.

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