Elbow X-ray of U2's Bono

Two views of U2 Bono's broken elbow in x-rays and video.

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U2 Leader Bono Fractures Elbow Riding Bicycle.

After vigorously riding around on his bicycle in New York, November of 2014, the U2 singer suffered from a dangerous crash resulting in multiple injuries. He suffered from numerous shoulder injuries, a fractured eye socket and a severe fracture to his left elbow.

The high-energy accident resulted in Bono being rushed to the emergency room, followed by surgery. Before entering surgery, he had multiple X-rays and CAT scans taken of his injuries, one of which he shared with his blog followers.

On a blog post he titled, “Little Book of a Big Year, Bono’s A to Z of 2014”, Bono posted the picture labeled as “X is for X-ray, Here’s my titanium elbow for a laugh”

NY Daily News reported that his orthopedic trauma surgeon, reported that, “He was taken emergently to the operating room for a five-hour surgery Sunday evening where the elbow was washed out and debrided, a nerve trapped in the break was moved and the bone was repaired with three metal plates and 18 screws”.

Bono posted the X-ray of his shattered elbow on his blog, saying: ‘The recovery has been more difficult than I thought. As I write this it is not clear that I will ever play guitar again.’ He has played many times since, however.

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Bono elbow xray

X-ray of Bono's elbow after surgery. The U2 site posted, "Here's my titanium elbow for a laugh". source

Bono on bike with Fallon

Bono on bike riding with Jimmy Fallon humourously recreates the accident for The Tonight Show. source

Bono humourously recreates the accident for The Tonight Show.

Bono discusses his bike injury on The Tonight Show.


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