Xray of Albert Einstein's Brain.

Two views of the brain xray of one of the world's smartest humans.

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Details of Albert Einstein's Brain.

How many of us have wondered if there really was anything different or special inside the head of Albert Einstein?

Well thanks to an doctor in 1945, it’s actually possible to see inside the physics genius’ head, medically speaking that is.

Two amazing X-Rays of Einstein’s skull, including the brain which arguably changed the world’s perspective on gravitation and inertia, was sold at a Julian's auction in 2010 for $38,000.

The x-rays were taken in 1945, years after he completed his mathematical formulation of a general theory of relativity.  The images were also dated as being taken 10 years before the legendary thinker died at the age of 76.

The brain of one of the world’s most famous scientists can be clearly seen in both the frontal and profile views. Both will hold particular interest for collectors as they were taken by Dr. Gustav Bucky, a forerunner in radiograph technology who collaborated with Einstein on the invention of the Automatic Electric Eye camera in 1937.

Want an even closer look inside Einstein’s brain? To the right are images of microscope slides from Albert Einstein's brain. They were prepared in 1955 in the pathology lab of Dr. William Ehrich, Chief of Pathology at the Philadelphia General Hospital and the Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania. Five sets of slides were prepared in the lab, dividing Einstein's brain into some 240 pieces, 200 of them becoming thin slices embedded into slides.

A study was also published on November 16, 2012, in the journal Brain. Dean Falk, an evolutionary anthropologist at Florida State University, led the study - which analysed 14 recently discovered photographs of Einstein's brain - and described it h: "Although the overall size and asymmetrical shape of Einstein's brain were normal, the prefrontal, somatosensory, primary motor, parietal, temporal and occipital cortices were extraordinary."

You really don’t have to be a genius however, to realize any picture of the man that changed the world and the way we think about it is worth a look - color, black and white, photo or X-ray.

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albert einstein portrait

Albert Einstein captured in a normal photograph.

albert einstein brain x-ray

A frontal and profile view of Einstein's skull, taken in 1945. source

albert einstein's brain slides

Collection of slides created from Albert Einstein's brain. source

albert einstein's brain scan

Scan of one of the slides created from Albert Einstein's brain. source

albert einstein's brain photo

Photo and drawing of Albert Einstein's brain.
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