X-ray of Dog's Broken Back.

The images and story of this dog's tramatic injury in two views.

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Dog Survives Broken Back.

Jimmy, a 5-year-old pit bull, has come a long way since he was found on the side of the road in Lilburn by Colleen Lazenby, the founder of Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue. An x-ray showed the dog, believed to have been hit by a car, had his back broken. The dog’s L7 vertebrae was fractured but he still had feeling in his hind legs – a promising sign.

After putting out a plea on Facebook, several members of the Gwinnett County Animal Control helped Lazenby get Jimmy to a veterinarian’s office where he could be X-rayed.

“It’s just amazing what they did for him,” said Melissa Goldstein, Jimmy’s foster mom. “They put him back together again.”

Thanks to volunteers from a pit bull rescue organization and a doctor from BluePearl Veterinary Partners, the formerly paralyzed pup can now walk again. And soon he’ll be ready to find a forever home.

Dr. Alan Cross, a veterinary surgeon with BluePearl, said he was optimistic about Jimmy’s chances for a full recovery. As a board-certified surgeon, Cross has years of advanced training within his specialty. During Jimmy’s operation – which lasted nearly four hours – he used 12 screws to attach two plates on either side of the dog’s spine.

Slowly, over the next few weeks, Jimmy began to get better. First, he could stand. Then, finally, he began to walk.

Today, Jimmy’s injury is barely noticeable, except for a waggle in his hind end. He’s still building his strength but is a happy dog who loves to snuggle with his foster mom.

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xray of dog broken back two views

ABOVE: X-ray of dog's broken back after surgery. The dog's L7 verebrae was fractured.
Credit: BluePearl Veterinary Partners

dog with broken back two views

ABOVE: Jimmy the day he was found by Colleen Lazenby.
Credit: BluePearl Veterinary Partners

Dog after broken back repaired

ABOVE: Jimmy
Credit: BluePearl Veterinary Partners


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