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Angiograms in two views

Learn why Angiograms are needed in definitions and pictures with two views.

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Why would you need or get an Angiogram?

An angiogram can find a bulge in a blood vessel (aneurysm). It can also show narrowing or a blockage in a blood vessel that affects blood flow. An angiogram can show if coronary artery disease is present and how bad it is.

An angiogram may also be done to:

    • Detect problems with blood vessels that affect blood flow. Examples of such problems include a tear in a blood vessel which can cause blockage or internal bleeding, aneurysms (weaknesses in the blood vessel wall), and narrowed areas.

    • Look for a source of bleeding, such as an ulcer.

    • Look for changes in the blood vessels of injured or damaged organs.

    • Show the pattern of blood flow to a tumor. This can figure out how much the tumor has spread and also figure out the best form of treatment.

    • Show the condition, number, and location of renal arteries before a kidney transplant.

    • Prepare for surgery on diseased blood vessels of the legs in people who have severe leg pain when walking.

    • Check how bad atherosclerosis is in the coronary arteries if a patient has been having unresolved heart trouble.

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Angiogram of liver two views

ABOVE: Hepatic angiogram of the liver.

Angiogram leg two views

ABOVE: Angiogram of the femoral arteries in leg.

ABOVE: Angiogram of the arm, specifically the axillary artery.

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