A quick history of Angiograms.

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1927Egas Moniz, a Portuguese physician and neurologist, developed the technique of angiography. He developed the technique to diagnose several kinds of nervous diseases. He also performed the first cerebral angiogram this year.

1929 – Reynaldo Cid dos Santo performed the first aortogram.

1929Werner Forssmann made the first attempt at cardiac catheterization with an angiograph.

1941 – Andre Cournand collaborated with Dickinson Richards to perform an angiogram procedure on a healthy human male.

1949 – Egas Moniz won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his development of the technique called the cerebral angiography.

1953The Seldinger technique made the procedure safer as no sharp devices remained inside the vascular lumen anymore. It is named after Dr. Sven-Ivar Seldinger, a Swedish radiologist who introduced the procedure.

1956 – Cournand, Forssmann, and Richards shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their work in discovering cardiac catheterization and hemodynamic measurements.

1960F. Mason Sones is credited with the discovery of injecting contrast dye into a large blood vessel after accidently injecting radiocontrast in a coronary artery instead of the left ventricle. He enhanced the procedure and is credited alongside Shirey for the development.

1970s – Coronary catheterization is extended to therapeutic uses. Many improvements to the process allowed for quicker examinations with improved results, which allowed for the procedure to be more commonly used.

2012 – During the Society of Cardiovascular CT annual scientific meeting, members highlighted the new technology for cardiac CT angiography including the development of fractional flow reserve CT imaging, perfusion imaging, imaging for transcatheter aortic valve replacement, and analysis software advancements.


Nobel prize winner Egas Moniz.

Werner Forssmann nobel
Werner Theodor Otto Forßmann.

modern day angiography in Two Views

ABOVE: Various views of scans, including modern day angiography.

patient receiving angiogram Two Views

ABOVE: Doctors and nurses performing angiography.


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