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Two Views of Nose MRI scans

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MRI of the Nose

A doctor or physician may order an MRI scan of the nose to take pictures of the inside of the nose. An MRI is useful because it shows healthcare providers what tissue is normal, and what tissue is not. Much can be discovered during a quality MRI of the nose.

A nose MRI scan of the head does not use radiation, but rather uses powerful magnets and radio waves to create pictures of the nose and surrounding nerve tissues.

A quality MRI scan can show radiologists what may be causing your signs and symptoms and it’s important that you find the best machines and radiologists possible to receive the best imaging.

Reasons for a Nose MRI:

A nose MRI scan may be done to check for certain cancers or other illness. The MRI may show tissue that has cancer cells and tissue that does not have cancer cells.

A nose MRI can be used to guide doctors or surgeons during a procedure, such as a biopsy. An MRI scan may be used if surgery is needed to remove a growth or lump.

A MRI scan of the nose can show healthcare providers how well a treatment for a disease is working and the results of a quality MRI scan can help in the plan for the best treatment forward.

A Nose MRI may help diagnose (find):

A MRI of the head and/or nose can be used to diagnose and monitor multiple diseases and disorders including birth defects, bleeding in the head, nose infections, nose tumors and other disorders.

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MRI of a broken nose two views

ABOVE: MRI of a broken nose.

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