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Two Views of mammograms

Screening Mammograms are presented in two views.

There are three stages or phases of mammography and each have a different role in the detection of abnormalities in the breast tissue. The mammogram "work-up" process has frequently become formalized into three stages: screening mammography, diagnostic mammography after the screening, and finally a biopsy if or when necessary. 

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What is a screening mammogram?

Most agree that mammography can play a vital role in the early detection of breast cancers. Some research has been provided that say screening mammography can show changes in the breast up to two years before a patient or physician can feel them.

Screening mammograms are designed and requested to improve the detection of early breast cancer, or other diseases or abnormalities, when they are more likely to be curable.

Most but not all organizations recommend women began breast cancer screening at age 40 and have repeat mammograms every 1 to 2 years. For a list of guidelines from some of these sources click here.

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The mammogram 'work-up' process is categorized in three stages.

Stage 1: Screening

Stage 2: Diagnostic

Stage 3: Biopsy

Contact a quality mammography facility directly and ask them any specific questions or concerns you might have before getting any exam.

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